Information Technology is now an integral part of small and medium business operations. As with large corporations, IT is "mission-critical" to these smaller companies. These organizations face the tough task of running their IT systems efficiently with limited resources, without sophisticated system management deployments or large specialized administrator staff. Businesses like these can benefit immensely from a modern systems network ans system monitoring solution, which provide easy, enterprise-level alternative at a fraction of the cost.

A systems monitoring solution constantly monitors various IT assets (servers, network services, applications, devices, websites, VoIP services, etc.) for slow or failing systems and notifies the system administrator via email, pager or other alarms.

Monitoring for business performance

- Avoid firefighting with proactive monitoring: Without a monitoring solution in place, issues in even moderately complex environments lead to poor performance of IT systems, cascading effects, and outages. A monitoring solution catches these problems at an early stage, before they multiply.

- Enhance customer experience: Outages cause customer pain and dissatisfaction and typically result in loss of trust. A monitoring solution identifies issues, pinpointing the cause and allows system administrators to take remedial action to restore top functionality, which enhances customer experience and employee productivity.

- Reduce costs and improve resource utilization: Use skilled staff for productive purposes. Systems monitoring frees skilled administrators to focus on providing IT solutions to real business problems, rather than managing complex monitoring infrastructures to detect problems.

- Gain flexibility, manage complexity: IT environments today employ a variety of best-ofbreed, multi-platform solutions. Using multiple niche solutions or complex scripts to monitor these environments leads to rigidity introduced by secondary factors. Modern monitoring solutions like Command Center provide out-of-the-box support for multiple platforms, and allow the flexibility necessary to meet the business needs.

- Watch IT performance, plan capacity: In today's world, business decisions and IT decisions are inextricably linked. Leading monitoring solutions provide dashboards views of realtime IT performance. They also provide data needed for historical tracking of IT systems and services, cost justification, and proactive capacity planning.

If you really take care about your equipment and do not want to lose money it is time to increase you system stability by make monitoring. Just let us help your equipment works better for you.

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